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Exercise Equipment

At Baehr Fitness in home personal training we believe that it is not the equipment that creates results but rather an individual’s drive, commitment and consistency that powers results. Baehr Fitness will utilize what you currently have, bring our own equipment and can advise clients on the purchase of a few small items if necessary. 

Common equipment used for training are resistance bands, swiss balls, medicine balls, boxing gloves, steppers, stairs, dumbbells, various cardiovascular modalities, functional pulley systems, various unstable discs etc.  Simple body weight exercises are also highly effective.

We will work with your existing fitness equipment and create a personalized plan.


All programs will be customized for each individual using the results from health and fitness assessments, as well as client’s age, interests, activities and unique goals.

Baehr Fitness at home personal training has over fifteen years of experience in various settings.


With Baehr Fitness in home personal training we understand that your time is valuable. Let us take the guesswork out of how and when you will exercise.

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