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Baehr Fitness At Home Personal Training

Personalized Fitness Programs

(Home, Office, Health Club)

Personalized Fitness Programs: Services
Baehr Fitness At Home Personal Training

 If you are unable to commit to weekly appointments with a trainer, we offer customized exercise programs designed to meet your health and fitness needs. Following an initial health assessment, survey of your existing fitness equipment and goal setting consultation, our qualified trainers will customize an exercise program that's just right for you.  


  This specialized service enables you to complete your daily exercise routine at your convenience in the privacy of your own home, office, or local fitness center.  Don't procrastinate your workouts any longer. With a program written specifically for you, you will have the guidance and knowledge to workout wherever and whenever you desire.  


  We recommend re-evaluating your fitness goals and changing up your exercise routine each month.  Adding a variety of exercises to your routine and challenging your body with an unnacustomed stimulus is key for optimal results!  


  CALL TODAY to inquire about pricing,  (860) 712-8184 or email

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