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I called Baehr Fitness on a whim a couple of years ago.  I had turned 60 and had spent my entire adult life focusing on my career.  By 60, I was out of shape in every way.   When I contacted Rob I was very apprehensive. I was nervous and self-conscious, and even just calling was a big deal for me.  I am so grateful that Rob talked me into seeing him for an initial meeting.  It is way up there in terms of ‘best decisions of my life’.  I’ve dropped weight and toned up, and I am in far better health.  Cholesterol is down, blood pressure is way down, and I am much stronger and have far more stamina (all of this at sixty plus).  Maybe even more importantly, my self-esteem has increased.  I am no longer afraid to look in the mirror, wear clothes that aren’t baggy, or try new things.  Rob is not your run-of-the-mill trainer – he is much more.  He is an educated trainer who develops programs specific to the individual and his/her capabilities, needs and limitations.  He motivates and pushes to just the right level.  And he is a sympathetic ear.  Rob is just a truly nice person with a real passion for what he does and empathy for his clients.  He has helped me change my life and I am so glad that he talked his way in.  I would never have accomplished this without him.

  - Barbara Rubin

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April 17, 2019

We met Rob after an intensive search for a physical therapist or personal trainer who could work with our mother, who at the time was 93 years old and had recently moved into a Memory Care Assisted living care facility. This was after our mother, who had always been physically active and resistant to sitting for extended periods, had fallen and broken her left arm.

We realized mom needed more personalized attention, at that pivotal moment, and rather than employ someone to simply sit with her; our quest for a personal trainer brought us to Rob of Baehr Fitness. We could not be happier with our choice.

Two years later, mom has accepted Rob as one of her own, she looks forward to their sessions, almost always ready with a smile and a willingness to have a workout. She will even wave to him immediately upon seeing him walking into the facility!

Rob has blended the science of exercise physiology and his charm and dedication to create a personal program to meet mom’s challenging and changing needs. Mom’s continued happiness and strength is proof of his successful approach. Along with exercise he blends in conversation and newspaper- read -aloud breaks with hydration making for enjoyable “visits”. The results are that she has better balance, coordination, strength, agility and on days of her sessions; is more cognitively aware of self, and surroundings, as well as being in an upbeat, happy mood.

Mom will be 96 this summer and we believe she gives Rob her highest praise and recommendation!

Thank you, Rob Baehr, for all that you do!

Marsha L. Bransfield and Karen M. Button – Kathryn’s daughters

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Prior to calling Baehr Fitness in home personal training I was overweight, out of shape and engaged...I needed some help to fit into the wedding dress of my dreams! I also needed a program that I would stay committed to. Rob helped me fulfill all of my goals - getting in shape, losing weight and looking great on my wedding day! Rob is a wonderful trainer - always encouraging, motivating and helpful in anyway possible. Our workouts are never boring and I always feel great afterwards. Since my wedding, Rob has helped me maintain my weight loss and attain new fitness goals - I even ran a half marathon last fall. I highly recommend Rob and always look forward to our next work out!

-Carolyn Houlihan

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After going through two years of immunotherapy and recovering from stage IV cancer, Rob has helped me recover my strength and balance with our bi-weekly workouts - I feel like I have returned to my normal self but only stronger!  The melanoma left me with achy joints for 3 1/2 years however I no longer require daily doses of prednisone to relieve the symptoms.  I now have full range of motion with no pain!  I'm also a type I diabetic and my hemoglobin A1C has dropped from an 8.2 to a 7.3 - game changer!

Being a type I diabetic, my hemoglobin A1C is important to keep close to a measurement of 7.  After working out with Rob and my wife Heather for one hour, twice per week for 6 months, my A1C went from an 8.2 in January to a 7.3 in August - an amazing turn around with the workouts increasing my metabolic fitness level!

Watching my wife Heather thrive with her fitness level by working with Rob for 12 years, I decided to join the workouts and what a difference it has made with my fitness and positive state of mind!  Rob tailors the workouts to your level and pushes you the extra step to achieve your goals - I would highly recommend his help regardless of your fitness level!

Rob at Baehr Fitness uses the latest technology and can dial directly into your dojo wherever on the planet you are located!  His approach is agile and he will design your workout to use any fitness equipment you have, combined with customized body weight exercises to achieve your goals and all-around fitness level!

Rob has an awareness of not only the correct form to use with each exercise, but he also has an instinctual awareness of your fitness level.  He designs your workouts to maximize and push you to the next level without overdoing it - allowing a sustainable approach. I look forward to each workout and at the end, feel invigorated and excited to start my day with a positive state of mind!

Rob is great at explaining each exercise using proper form and technique.  He will identify improper form immediately and correct it, giving you the maximum benefit out of each exercise, keeping you injury free!



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I have been a client of Rob’s for about five years.  Prior to that I had used other personal trainers, but never achieved the results I desired.  My workouts with Rob twice a week have produced positive results in a number of ways.  My body has gained definition and tone, my strength has grown tremendously, my cardiovascular capacity has increased and he inspires me to achieve results I would not be able to get on my own. 

It was always difficult for me to train to improve definition and strength without bulking up but through Rob’s guidance and strategic training sessions, I have achieved success.  I am happier with my body at 46 than I was in my early 30’s.  I know that the benefits of training with Rob have made me stronger and healthier and will bring long term benefits to me as I grow older.  It is an investment in my health and happiness that has brought countless positive returns.


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I can't thank Rob enough for changing my life. I came to Rob two years ago after moving here from New York City suffering from a degenerative spine and chronic back pain. From the start, I knew my experience with Rob would be very different from my previous trainers.

Rob was able to not only understand, but adapt to my physical limitations and work with me in developing a workout suitable for my condition. He has he made our workouts fun and is continuously innovative and so positive, even on days when I've doubted my own ability. 

Today, I am not only stronger, but I am pain free and running (for the first time in years!) 5K races that I never thought were possible.  I highly recommend Rob to anyone looking to get in better shape regardless of their personal condition. Not only is Rob an amazing trainer, but I am happy to call him my friend. Thanks for everything Rob!

- Stephanie - 
Owner, Tres Chic Events LLC.

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I have been training with Rob and Brian for the past four years. I am a swimmer and if you know swimming, it eats up most of your time during the day. I was just a skinny little freshman when I started working out with Baehr Fitness.  Rob and Brian would be the first to tell you that I couldn’t do a pull up or run a mile without stopping to catch my breath. I had set very high goals during my sophomore and junior years of school to reach the recruiting times for certain colleges; unfortunately, I was never able to reach them. There were times where I thought I should just throw in the towel and not swim at the collegiate level; fortunately, Rob and Brian were relentless reminding me how I would regret quitting the rest of my life.  During my senior year, I trained harder and smarter with the same goals in mind. That led to me having the swim meet of my life in March, which in turn gave me the recruiting times to swim at Villanova University.  I certainly wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for the expert advice and professional guidance of Baehr Fitness LLC.

-Tony Sipala, University of Villanova ‘15

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I have been working with Rob for the past couple of years to improve my strength and condition before my field hockey season.  When I work with Rob before try-outs I always feel confident and in shape for the season. As a result I have had four very successful high school field hockey seasons.
Now that I will be playing Division II field hockey at Stonehill College, I really had to step up my conditioning and strength. Rob helped me get to that next level with workouts that are specifically designed for collegiate athletes. The workouts were always different and challenging but his motivating words got me through each work out.
There were so many times when I wanted to give up on my dream of playing college field hockey but Rob’s constant support kept me from doing so. Rob is the type of trainer that wont’ give up on you until you have reached your goal. He is willing to work around your schedule to find a time that he can work with you. Whether it is at the track or house, he designs a workout made specifically for you to improve all aspects of your body. He is truly the best trainer out there and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. 


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My family has trained with Rob for many years and have found his expertise to bar none. Not only does he understand the personal training business but he has extensive knowledge of the body and what it takes to keep it strong.
Over the past 5 months I have lost 30 pounds and owe my well toned physique to Rob. He has helped me turn my "problem" areas into taunt and firm muscles. I appreciate his ability to set up specific programs that center around my individual needs. Rob helps to keep me focused and knows when I am expecting more than can realistically be achieved.

One of the prize aspects of his personal training is his ability to service his customer whenever or whatever it takes. I am an early morning person, and though it is a lot to ask, Rob comes twice a week to my home at 5 am! Dedication and customer care is #1 for him. Without Rob's help and guidance thru the past few years I don't believe that either my husband or myself would feel and look as great as we do in our mid-50s. 


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Over the past years I have worked with Rob Baehr to improve my strength and endurance and can not say enough about him as a professional and as a coach. When I started with Rob I could not do a push up or pull up. At 50 years old you might ask why you would want to!! It was not that I couldn’t do a push up - it was that my body was so out of shape. 

I have lost 52 pounds, I can and have run a Marathon and I can do 100 push ups and I feel and look great. At 56 year of age I have more energy and I am in better shape than I have ever been in my life. 

Rob made sure that I did not over do it or hurt myself. He pushed me in a professional way to reach beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. I never in my life thought I could do and feel the way I do today. My change in lifestyle began with that first call to Rob Baehr and continues today because of his friendship and encouragement. 

I know that if I did not work with Rob on a regular basis I could easily revert to my old unhealthy ways. Rob is as committed to my good health as I am and that is a great incentive.

- Father Thomas F.X. Hoar, SSE, PHD
President, ST. Edmund's Enders Island
Mystic, CT

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Angry Birds.jpg

-Scott P. Rioux

I had been living in fear.  I had been living with great anxiety.  You see, I had always been quite healthy.  But now I was in my late 40s, and I had just let things go.  I had gained weight as life circumstances had changed, as I was caring for an elderly parent, working two jobs..... Things had changed.  I had watched both of my parents pass away from heart disease.  I had watched both parents go through open heart surgery, and I knew that the typical path of genetics would lead me into this same nightmare.  At one point, I had to run out into the backyard of my condo to get a large raccoon off the bird feeder.  I ran to the back of the house, and once the raccoon saw me, he jumped off the feeder, and bumbled into the woods.  I stood there, and realized I was huffing and puffing, and my heart was beating strongly.  I had only run about 30 feet!  I knew in my heart that something had to be done. 
My best friend Vicky said that her neighbor was working with a personal trainer out of Glastonbury, CT named Rob Baehr.  I thought that was cool, but never thought of actually having a trainer come into my home.  Wasn't that for the wealthy?  Shouldn't I just go to a gym, or hop on my seldom used treadmill?  Well, Vicky got me a gift of two sessions with Rob Baehr. 
I was a little nervous, but once Rob arrived at my home, I was set at ease.  He told me he was going to check things out, and see where I was, and what my goals were.  He also wanted to find out my current weight, body fat, and set a short term goal.  Rob then asked me to do some exercises for him, and he continuously watched to see how I was doing, and what my levels of stamina were.  You see, I had been nervous that I would not even be able to do what he would ask.  Not a problem.  He figured out what I was capable of, and went from there.  Rob regularly checks my pulse and recovery rate from various activities.  It became clear to me that he also had really good training regarding heart and cardiovascular health, as well as musculature endurance.  The point is that I have always felt safe with Rob.  He seems to know exactly how far I can go, many times down to the count of an exercise! 
I have worked with Rob Baehr for a little over a year now.  Of course, the workouts have become much more rigorous.  I have dropped over 30 pounds, I can run at least three miles with no problem, and I actually have developed muscles over time.  Actual muscles!! Me!!  Most importantly, however, I am no longer living in fear and anxiety over my family's genetic disposition to heart disease. Rob has shown me a way to combat that, and indeed a new lifestyle.  I am not dieting, but I am being reasonable and more watchful about what I eat.  I personally find Rob Baehr to be a gateway to a healthy lifestyle.... Something that will last.  This was not a quick weight loss program that would get me thinner for a wedding, then let me gain it all back immediately after.  This is a permanent health solution.  It has made me a happier, healthier person.  And the weight loss that came with it has been a pleasure when shopping for clothing! 
Rob Baehr is a consummate professional, and I am sure I would trust him with my own family, and I suppose that amounts to a complete endorsement.

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My name is Laura and I’ve been training with Rob Baehr since February 2013.  I made a personal decision in the past year to change my life and get into shape with an exercise program.  I don’t like fitness centers and hadn’t exercised in over 30 years.  A friend referred me to Rob as a personal trainer and I finally took the plunge and began a one-hour exercise program twice a week.  The difference in my life has been tremendous.  Rob is a great motivator and teacher, and keeps me on my toes with different and challenging exercises every session.  I train with light weights, resistance tube bands, yoga ball, and a floor mat.  Rob has shown me that you don’t have to buy fancy and expensive fitness machines to exercise and improve your health.  I give Rob credit for my better health, increased stamina and energy, flexibility, and golf game!


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I have had the pleasure, both physically and emotionally, of being trained by Rob Baehr and Baehr Fitness in home personal training services for 6 years.  My wife and I have trained on average 3 days per week, setting different goals along the way.  At times, I was training for road races and we would incorporate specific speed/endurance training programs.  Other times the workouts would consist of a mixture of cardio and strength training.  My goal was not to get bulky, as I had been there once before in my twenties.  My goal now was to stay in shape, keep a well toned physique and feel good about myself.


What I have found most interesting about Rob was he always had something new each workout.  I found it hard to believe that Rob had that many exercises up his sleeve, based on my specific goals.  I am 55 years old now and I just might be in the best shape of my life.  My wife Janis works out with Rob an average of two days per week.  Janis is an avid tennis player, therefore her goals have been customized to improve athletic performance.  Rob and Brian both incorporated a lot of stretching/cardio to help keep her in tip top shape.  Most trainers I’ve worked with don’t listen, they have their routine.  Unlike most trainers, Rob listens and understands his clients needs and goals.  He is a great personal trainer and more importantly a great person.

-Ronald Simon

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Sports have always been a major part of my life. When I took on the personal challenge of learning how to play ice hockey in college I had limited knowledge of an effective off-ice training program to build my on-ice skills.
Two years ago, I began training with Rob Baehr to work on a variety of personal fitness goals.
Words cannot describe how much I look forward to training with Rob each week. Rob creates dynamic workouts that are fun, challenging, and target key areas I am focusing on. Rob is incredibly knowledgeable and is always prepared to modify any exercise as needed to ensure that I stay injury-free.
Rob’s motivation, encouragement, and skillful training has helped me complete multiple 5k and 10k races and gain the strength and endurance I needed to improve my skills as a hockey player. Most importantly, my self-confidence as an athlete has grown exponentially.
Rob is an outstanding trainer who has helped me reach, and far surpass, the original goals I set two years ago. I highly recommend Rob Baehr and Baehr Fitness.

- Alexa Mason

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“Since I’ve been working out with Baehr Fitness at home personal training, I have become a much healthier person.  Not only have I dropped over 20 lbs, but my cholesterol, blood pressure and resting heart rate have all dropped considerably.  I feel healthy, strong, and energetic.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”


Testimonials: Testimonials

“Rob is enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable and has wonderful amounts of energy.  Many different exercises Rob puts me through makes my time working out go by in a flash.  I am like most people, interested in being in shape; however, too lazy to put in the time.  I am extremely fortunate and happy I found Rob and Baehr Fitness at home training. “


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This fall I am going to be a freshman at Trinity College and will play football there. As an athlete, I have trained with Rob for 5 years and he is the only trainer that I have worked with that really knows how to make you push yourself. 

Over the past few years, I have sustained several sport related injuries including a fractured back and a torn ACL. Rob was able to change my workout program that worked around all these injuries which allowed me to stay in great shape while recovering. 

This past year I have worked with Rob twice a week with the goal to increase muscle mass. I have put on 10 pounds of lean muscle by following the program that he developed for me.

I highly recommend working with Rob/Baehr Fitness.


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Before I started working with Rob, I had been struggling with my weight for decades, but worse than that I felt defeated by it. Over the past 5 years Rob has been there to encourage, inspire, and push me beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. Rob always reminds me that it is my choice to work out thus empowering me and holding me responsible for my own lifestyle choices. 

Training with Rob has been an incredible journey and one of the best decisions I have ever made. If I were to summarize in one word what he has given me, I would say “power”. Rob has empowered me to believe in myself. I can remember in the beginning one conversation we had . Rob said, “ Ok, Pat, give me 10 jumping jacks.” I said, “I don’t jump.” He just smiled and said, “you do now, Pat.” 

I am amazed at Rob’s ability to turn everyday fixtures in my house like chairs and stairs into incredibly tough workouts. He has helped me to make the most out of steps, bands, free weights and my 10 year old treadmill. He has taught me that its not the most expensive equipment that equals success, but rather commitment and tenacity. 

With Rob’s unwavering support and commitment to helping me achieve my weight loss goal, I have lost over 80 pounds. I know that I can depend on him to encourage me to accomplish more, and to remind me how far I’ve come when things get tough. 

Rob is an impassioned, committed and dedicated trainer who’s motto is “never quit”, and I never will, not with Rob by my side.

- Pat O’Brien RN, MSN

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I’ve lost 40 pounds working out with Rob and Brian over the past three months, which is pretty incredible. However, the actual weight loss is only part of the help I’ve gotten from Baehr Fitness. For the first time, I’ve actually been motivated by fitness coaches to change my lifestyle for the better. Rob does a great job of making the workouts truly fun and extremely difficult. I’ve had entertaining trainers before, but never before have I really looked forward to working out.


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