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Online personal training 

with Baehr Fitness health experts

Why [online] personal training? 

  • ​Online personal training assures you an effective and convenient workout IN HOME, AT WORK, or VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE.  

  • Too busy is no excuse, our online training offers convenient workouts which equals more consistent workouts.

  • You can workout whenever and wherever you want.  

  • If you travel frequently, workout at home, at the office or live in a remote location, virtual training is more accessible than in person.

  • All you need is a PC with webcam, ipad, iphone, tablet, smartphone with Zoom or FaceTime.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

We will discuss in detail your medical history form and client goal setting sheets that have been sent to you.  Our medical history form takes into account any possible risk factors you may have, whether it be cardiovascular, orthopedic or any other substantial health concern.  We also pay close attention to your specific fitness goals your looking to achieve ( core strength, fat loss, overall conditioning, power, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, etc..).

Decide on the area you will designate for exercise.  Make sure your web-camera is in clear site and choose either the Zoom or FaceTime application.  Your coach will need to see full view of the floor and workout area.                                   


We suggest you be prepared 5 minutes prior to our scheduled appointment with any of your questions or concerns available for your Trainer/Coach.  Personal training sessions will include the proper Warm-Up, Exercise Routine (based on your individual goals) and Cool Down.  Whether you're using Zoom or FaceTime with your personal trainer ALL virtual training sessions are private and confidential.

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