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Individualized Training Services with Educated Exercise Physiologists

Baehr Fitness Specializes in:

  • In Home Personal Training (One on One, Tandem, Small Group and Remote training)

  • Individualized fitness programs for all ages (Seniors, Adults, Youths)

  • Stretch techniques, spine and core strengthening, lean muscle development, speed, power, and agility

  • Realistic fat loss programs

  • Proprioceptive (balance) strength

  • Nutritional consulting

  • Postural, strength, and flexibility assessments

  • Sport specific training programs (marathon, golf, baseball, football, swimming, skiing, crew and more)


Individuals will receive an initial in depth fitness analysis including:

  • Body fat measurements

  • Lean mass readings

  • Desired body fat goals

  • Ideal weight goals

  • Postural assessments

  • Flexibility assessments

  • Cardiovascular assessments

  • Strength and muscle endurance assessments

  • Girth measurements (optional)

Services: Services

Baehr Fitness Provides

Individualized Health and Fitness Assessments

  • Baehr Fitness offers customized personal training programs to improve strength, flexibility, athletic performance, and overall weight and wellness management. All personal training programs are differentiated to meet the individual fitness and lifestyle needs of every client. Programs are designed using results of comprehensive strength, flexibility and postural assessments, in combination with the fitness and wellness goals.


Sports Specific Personal Training Programs

  • Look to maximize potential and improve your athletic performance with a program consisting of sport specific drills, plyometric strength, dynamic and static stretches.


Total Body Functional Movements

  • Improve your overall functional way of living with a program specifically designed to drop FAT mass, increase LEAN mass, improve flexibility, and cardiovascular health.


Core Strength and Flexibility

  • Develop proper length-tension relationships in the muscles making up your core. Learn effective static holds, contract relax techniques, self-myofascial release, and proper dynamic stretches.  With our guidance you will correct those muscle imbalances which lead to painful postural distortion patterns.   

Services: Services
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